Order of Service

Our service times can be found to the right of this page.  Our services do vary in character, with All-Age about once every six weeks.

We stand to sing, as we are able, and sit or kneel to pray.

We use the Scottish Liturgy 1982 Blue Service Book.
The Bible and Lectionary reading pages are displayed on the front wall to the left of the sanctuary.
A hymn sheet will be given to you on arrival.  We use a variety of styles and music for our hymns and they are chosen by a group of our members to enhance and elaborate on the service and sermon theme.


Introduction by Worship Leader
Hymn 1, not usually announced (Stand).
We sit for the first reading, and respond at the end with “Thanks be to God”
Hymn 2 (Stand)
We remain standing for the Gospel reading, and sing “Alleluia” at the beginning and end.
Sermon, then Prayers.
Peace.  We share the peace with neighbours with a handshake and “Peace be with you”.
Hymn 3, not usually announced (Stand).  The Offering is collected during this hymn or may be placed in the plates at the back of the church before the service begins.  Visitors are under no obligation to give. We encourage Gift Aid donations whenever possible.
Eucharist or Communion.  We stand for the first part and sit down after singing “Holy, Holy, Holy”.
All who are baptised are welcome to partake of the Eucharist.  Even if you do not wish to take communion, all are invited to go forward for a blessing (you can indicate this by carrying your blue service book).
Hymns 4 and 5, not usually announced.  We remain seated whilst singing them.
Blessing and notices.
Hymn 6 (Stand).
End of service.

Tea and coffee are served in the Hall after the service (just follow everyone else through the larger doors at the back of the church).  Please do stay and let us welcome you.


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