Our Mission

We believe that God is calling St James’ Church Bishopbriggs to be a place and a community in which people can:

  • find out more about Christianity
  • recover their faith
  • explore the God-given spiritual dimension of their lives
  • find out how the Bible speaks to men and women today
  • respond in praise and thanksgiving to the God who is revealed through Jesus Christ and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
  • serve God and their fellow human beings in the ways of love, peace and justice which Christ taught.

One visitor described St James as the best example of a modern church building he had seen. Together with a sense of peace it has a warm and welcoming feel to it, and this is true also of its people, which is why the church’s tag line is “St James is an inviting church”. St James’ ethos is open, inquiring and non-judgemental with strong emphases on education, the role of music and on social justice. Visitors are always welcome and the church is ecumenical in its approach – keen to build bridges and work together with other Christians. It regularly plays host to the Bishopbriggs Churches Together group.


In recent years the congregation developed these statements below to describe how we would ideally like to see ourselves as a church community:


We are a community that welcomes all those on the Christian journey, whatever the stage.  We are inclusive and offer friendship and fellowship, and work to ensure that all are welcome.  We all share in and support the highs and lows of our lives as individuals and as a community.


We look for growth in our Christian life.  We expect to be inspired and challenged by the Spirit on issues within our lives as individuals and as a church.  We recognise that the Christian life is a journey in which we share our insights and growth with our companions on the road.


We encounter God in all our experiences of life.  Our encounters with God through worship and prayer provide a focus and are at the centre of all we do.  We are a worshipping community who share the Christian journey in celebration and sorrow and in the breaking and sharing of the bread and the wine.


The way we approach our Christian life reflects the importance that issues of peace and justice have for us.  We have a willingness to engage generously with, and campaign for, trade and social justice and the fight against poverty.


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